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Hair Color extensions and balding solutions



We believe great hair is not achieved
unless your hair color is perfect, and the perfect hair color for you is what compliments your skin tone and your eyes.  We consider many factors when we customize your hair color.  The right color for you needs to be easily maintainable and stand your lifestyle choices.

Our approach to color is to minimize damage and stress while creating your new look.   We pride ourselves on using high-quality, high gloss hair color brands along with protecting additives such as OLAPLEX and Brazilian bond builder.  Maintaining the integrity of the hair and promoting healthy hair while getting hair extensions are our top priorities.

Certain phrases such as balayage, foilage, babylight, ombre, sombre, full or partial highlights are confusing for most people that is why we offer block-based appointments instead of individual services that sound foreign to you. We begin every visit with a consultation. Communication is the most important and the key ingredient to your perfect visit.

If you haven’t been to our salon, please visit our “New Client page” for specific instructions about how to book your appointment or fill out our virtual consultation if you aren’t yet ready to book but want to plan and dream your new beautiful you.

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