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Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

In recent years, hair extensions have become more and more popular. Some people use them because they prefer their hair thicker. Others use extensions to add length, and some use them as protection for their natural hair.

Whatever your reason is, there are plenty of options to suit your needs.

It can be confusing for most people to choose between methods or even know which method is right for them. This is why we are here! If you are unsure about where to start, set up a professional consultation and we'll guide you.

There are many factors to consider when someone decides to get extensions:

  • Age of guest

  • Lifestyle

  • Level of activity

  • Coloring habits

  • These are just a few deciding factors

For a long time, I always thought that great lengths keratin fusion method was the best. I really did not think any other method would be as good. But after many years of resisting (and even trying them on my hair), I decided to try the weft myself before completely advising against them. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them.

These days we are all going through information overload. When you search the word “Weft hair extensions” in Google, you get pages and pages of results. It is hard to know the difference between machine-tied weft and hand-tied weft.

Beaded Weft Customer

DID YOU KNOW that hand-tied doesn't refer to the method of installation, rather it describes how a Weft is constructed?

There are so many extension types to choose from, making it difficult to know which one is right for you. It is overwhelming to find out if you need to get NBR extensions or IBE or just beaded weft. I can name over a dozen names for a similar method. Let’s just name a few: NBR Extensions, IBE, Invisible beaded row, hidden beaded row, Luna method, JZ styles, Kacey welch, SKW, Beaded weft, and many many more. Is this the same as sew-in weaves? Or this is braid-less sew-ins?

HAND-TIED VS. MACHINE-TIED WEFTS ⁠The hand-tied extension hair is carefully hand-tied onto a string to create a veil of hair. This type of hair usually needs to be combined with 1-3 other wefts (in a row) to create optimal fullness. For optimum fullness and coverage, you will usually stack 3+ hand-tied wefts on the same foundation.⁠ A machine weft extension is a stack of hair sewn together by a machine. They are generally thicker and fuller than hand-tied wefts.

Beaded Weft Customer

While many brands promote their unique ways of attachment, it all goes back to the quality of the hair and the expertise of the stylist who applies it. You should only trust the experts and the stylists at ZoyaG ARE the experts.

The majority of these methods use a foundation created by micro-beads. These beads have a silicone lining for damage and slipping prevention. These beads are attached to your natural hair with the curve of the head. In some cases, a thin string is then pulled through the beads. The weft extension is stitched or sewn around the thin string or through the bead base. This is a very simple but safe way to attach hair extensions to any hair density or texture. Weft hair extensions are suitable for both fine and thick hair. Many things make this method desirable.


  • Good for any density or texture

  • Fast application time

  • Very few points of attachment

  • Being able to utilize only 10% of the guest’s natural hair for attachment

  • Ability to the customized amount of hair used by each person

  • Hair is reusable for up to several months

  • Being able to treat the hair with a generous amount of conditioners


  • Require maintenance every 6-8 weeks

  • Heavier attachment points

  • More hair to wash and style

  • Itchiness of the hair due to the returned hair

Sometimes subtle additions can make the BIGGEST difference in how we look and feel. One of my favorite benefits of Hair Extensions, in general, is the relief it gives to your natural hair. This is because extensions take the brunt of the everyday styling, tension, heat, and general wear that comes with everyday styling. They allow your natural hair to rest, recover, and finally grow.

Hair Extensions give women so many more styling options because there is more hair to support their styles.

  • Long

  • Short

  • Braided

  • High pony

  • Curls last longer

  • Total time spent styling is shorter

We have all thought about extensions at one time or another. Whether you are sick of your short locks or want more volume, getting extensions can transform any hair from flat to fab! You can choose from temporary or more permanent options. An extension expert can help you look into some of the extension options that might be best for you, depending on your personal preference, budget, lifestyle, and hair type.

At Zoya Salon, we approach every situation with a unique solution; one size does not fit all. EXTENSIONS ARE AS CUSTOMIZABLE AS YOU ARE UNIQUE.

That is why we offer seven different methods of Extensions as well as Wigs and Toppers for more advanced hair thinning. We know we can make all your hair dreams come true.

To schedule, your consultation with us visit us at


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