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How to Care for Your Extensions

  • Do not wash, shampoo, or wet your hair for two days after your keratin fusion extension application. Water causes swelling at the attachment and loosens the bonding agent on your extensions.  (Won't apply to weft method)

  • Zoya Salon requires that you return to our salon no longer than 6 weeks after your application. This follow-up visit allows us to inspect your hair and extensions to ensure that your extensions are performing as expected and there are not any challenges causing damage to your hair or the extensions.  

  • Extension-safe products must be used to guarantee the longevity of your beautiful extensions. Zoya Salon recommends ZoyaG or Virtue brands. Every product used on the hair needs to be free of sulfate, silicone, and sodium chloride. Not every professional or luxury hair product is extension-safe.  

  • Do not apply heavy oils or hair masks to the application point of the extension. This includes brands such as Kerastase and Oribe. If a deep conditioning mask or treatment is needed, a Zoya Salon professional will instruct you on what product to use, and how to properly use it to not damage the extensions.  

  • When shampooing, always wash your hair with your head tilted back, not tilted forward. Never dry your bonds with a scrubbing action; instead, wrap a towel securely around your head to absorb the excess water. When allowing your hair to “air dry”, the bonds MUST be fully dried with a blow dryer to prevent the bonds from slipping or hair shedding.  

  • Brush the extensions at least twice a day with a recommended brush to prevent matting. Beginning at the nape, brush row by row, then scalp to ends. Always pull the extensions into a softly held ponytail, or low braid, while sleeping or any physical activity. This is imperative to prevent tangling at the attachment sites.

  • You can work out and sweat but after a long sweaty activity you need to dry your hair with the blow dryer and style.  


Styling options for your extensions are almost limitless. However, there are a few precautions you will need to take. Blow-drying, the use of curling irons, flat irons, and hot rollers are allowed, but the heat must be kept at least 1.5 inches from the attachment site (bonds). When styling your hair with hot tools, always use a heat protectant. To prevent damage, hair needs to be completely dry before styling. We do not recommend using a heat setting of about 300 degrees. Do not use hot tools on damp hair, this will cause significant damage.  


Some extension loss is normal throughout the first 4 weeks after your application. The average person experiences natural hair shedding of 100 to 150 hairs a day. A full head extension application covers approximately ⅔ of the head. With this in mind, it is normal to lose 5-8 fusion extensions or a few micro-beads. Daily brushing, as instructed above will void loose hairs from tangling or matting at the bonds. Avoid round brushes and bristles that have balls on the ends as they pull, stretch, and break hair strands. Do hold your extensions at the root while brushing.


  • Please notify us immediately, if you experience an abnormal amount of extension loss or notice a corner of the weft having unusual shedding.  Save any strands that you lose, and bring them with you to your next appointment, so our experts can identify if there are any issues.

  • When your hair is feeling brittle and dry, it is lacking moisture. To avoid tangling and frizziness, keep your hair clean and moisturized. Clean the hair thoroughly with clarifying shampoo every 4-6 weeks to remove all product buildup. Follow the clarifying shampoo with a low-pH conditioner. This will close and seal the cuticles along with softening the hair. If the hair is well moisturized, you should be able to easily run your fingers through it from root to tip. Vinegar rinses are also excellent for closing cuticles and smoothing out the hair. Be sure to always follow with a very moisturizing conditioner.

  • We recommend the Virtue clarifying shampoo, We have tested this product and it has been the most effective with removing all residue coating the hair and scalp.

  • For Fusions Only: ALWAYS use the Anti-Tap Formula every time the bonds get wet. Mix one line (as indicated on the bottle) to 8 ounces of distilled water in the spray bottle. The Anti-Tap Formula is designed to neutralize irregularities in your water source and/or to protect the keratin bond polymers from chlorine, saltwater, and other solutions not compatible with a proper pH.

  • For Fusions Only: To prevent premature bond breakdown, always saturate your hair with water and apply the Anti-Tap Formula before swimming, using a sauna, or any activity that creates moisture in your hair for an extended period. Immediately after such activities, shampoo thoroughly, condition ends, apply the Anti-tap Formula, and blow-dry the attachment sites (bonds).

  • For All Extensions: Satin or silk pillowcases are highly recommended. Satin is non-absorbent and therefore helps preserve the moisture in the hair and skin.

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