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 Our Unique Approach To Give You Your Dream Hair

Analyze, Strengthen, Enhance


With over 20 years of professional experience, we are proudly serving the women of Dallas, Texas, and helping them improve their lives through a variety of hair extension and hair replacement services.


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Zoya is dedicated to empowering those women by helping them regain control of their lives. “It is humbling to me as a stylist to see what a difference my work can have on women’s lives. They feel beautiful again. They feel confident,” she says, “and it’s not a cliché to say they truly feel in charge of their lives again.``

Meet the Team

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Maryam P

Maryam P


Ginger & Ivy

Ginger and Ivy are our Salon Service Dogs and are two of the most important part of our welcome committee. Their extensive daily tasks consist of greeting each and every person that walks in, sitting in every lap that will allow them, and double checking to make sure your food is okay.

Ginger & Ivy

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