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We are DFW's premiere hair loss, hair extensions, and hair restoration salon. We specialize in helping women with hair loss and thinning hair reclaim their confidence by providing personalized solutions regardless of their medical conditions such as Trichotillomania, hormones, and various forms of Alopecia.


For women, hair is not vanity; it is a significant part of their identity and their statement piece.

We approach every guest's situation uniquely, because "one size does not fit all".


 Our Unique Approach To Give You Your Dream Hair

Analyze, Strengthen, Enhance



Whether you have trichotillomania, Covid hair loss, or just genetic hair loss, you need to determine the root cause and potential triggers.

Scalp Analysis 


Having a healthy scalp is key to having healthy hair growth. Microscopic hair analysis is the simplest way to get insight into hair loss and hair thinning. When we analyze your scalp, you will learn about the health of your scalp as well as the scalp treatments and services that we offer that can give you your best hair.

We specialize in fine, thinning hair solutions. From choosing the right products to finding the perfect hairstyle for you, we can help you achieve your best look. 

scalp analysis


Preserve your hair using products and treatments that help retain your hair & give your hair optimal healthy results.

Scalp Care


At Zoya Salon, we are dedicated to providing our guests with healthy hair services. In order to have healthy hair, it is important to start at the base – a healthy scalp. Scalp care is essential in having healthy & optimal hair. 


A Capillus laser therapy cap provides you with a safe and easy-to-use method for restoring thinning hair due to androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss), and preventing hair-loss progression. These caps feature laser diodes which provide great coverage of the affected scalp area with each session and are FDA-cleared for both men and women who suffer from pattern balding. Flexible and comfortable, you can use the cap at home or on-the-go. In just six minutes a day, you can apply this non-invasive, low-level laser therapy to help prevent hair loss, promote hair regrowth, and get healthier-looking hair. The long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and hands-free operation give you the freedom to go about your daily routine while receiving treatment.


Enhance your style with a lightweight clip-in topper that adds volume on the top of your head and a seamless transition to your natural hair.

Microline Toppers by Hairdreams

The MicroLine method integrates a micro-fine, nearly “invisible” hair net into the guest's existing hair. A special bonding ring, made from crystal

protein polymer is the key to this permanent attachment. Microline Hair System is a net construction that integrates the topper with your own hair. This combination adds coverage and volume to the top of the head where traditional extensions don't work.

Clip-in Toppers

These toppers can be very small and light, and they are very simple to apply and wear daily. Now, you can have a lot more hair without a long-term commitment.

Beaded Toppers

A beaded topper is a perfect solution to add instant volume and length to your locks. It can also keep your hair color looking fresh in between color appointments! They get attached to the top of the head with multiple tiny micro-nano links and can be worn up to 5 weeks with proper maintenance.

A hair topper can also be perfect for the initial stages of hair loss or thinning. It offers the perfect amount of coverage on top while blending into your hair seamlessly for a natural look.

Mircoline toppers hairdreams



Revive is a top-of-the-head hair integration system that allows you the freedom of living your everyday life without having to worry about uncomfortable wigs or toppers.

Revive is a tape-in topper system that integrates with your natural hair and moves like your own hair.

Revive doesn't require shaving or cutting of your hair and uses a floating system that prevents tension on the existing hair.

Revive can be used by women with 

  • Female pattern hair loss

  • Trichotillomania

  • Post Chemotherapy

  • Fine thin/thinning hair 

  • Alopecia areata

Revive hairpieces
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Mesh Integration

  • Designed for women with moderate to severe hair loss or thinning.

  • Breathable mesh integrated onto existing hair without cutting or shaving natural hair.

  • Enables natural hair growth under the breathable mesh.

  • Requires maintenance appointments every 5-10 weeks.

  • Application: 3-5 hours

  • Price: $900-$1500 plus topper cost

Meshless Integration

  • Designed for women with moderate to severe hair loss or thinning.

  • No need for glue, tape, or cutting/shaving natural hair

  • Enables natural hair growth under the breathable mesh.

  • Requires maintenance appointments every 5-10 weeks.

  • The system can be easily removed if natural hair growth resumes.

  • Application: 3-5 hours

  • Price: $900-$1500 plus topper cost

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Topette hair enhancements are the most popular cosmetic hair loss solution for women experiencing hair thinning due to conditions like Alopecia. They’re also an ideal solution for those who desire more volume and body at the root of the hair.

Topettes work with your existing hair to add extra coverage on the top of the scalp where thinning is most likely to occur. Tailored to each individual, each piece is breathable, comfortable, and available in a wide range of colors, lengths, and styles. The application is simple and seamless, and the results are natural, beautiful, and virtually undetectable.

Follea Topettes are so natural, you’ll forget you’re wearing anything at all.


To create the most beautiful wigs in the world using light-denier, exclusive European hair, constructed with premium lace and a revolutionary cap for a seamless look. Our revolutionary designs ensure a secure comfortable fit with hair that comes alive with your natural movement.


  • Exclusive premium European hair

  • Hand selected hair

  • Comfortable to wear and breathable

  • Natural movement and shine

  • Wind resistant up to 60 mph

  • Unprocessed hair with the cuticle intact

  • Wash & style like grown hair

  • Irritation free secure fit

  • Confidence & self-esteem

  • Hypoallergenic, tangle, shed, and matte free

  • Easy to take care of

  • Longevity of wig life

  • Premium client services

Wigs topettes hairloss solutions
Fibers Topicals hairloss solutions



Need a fast, temporary solution for thinning hair? Cap+ Keratin Hair Fibers is a quick fix you can use daily or whenever you want to make a great impression. Results are so natural looking you won’t believe your eyes. Simply sprinkle the keratin fibers into an area of your scalp to create fuller-looking hair. Instantly, thousands of miniature keratin fiber particles go to work to conceal thinning hair. Safe and easy to use, Cap+ Keratin Hair Fibers is your go-to answer for getting fuller hair in seconds. Easily washes away with shampoo.

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