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5 Things to Look for When Finding the Perfect Salon.

How receptive is the salon team? Are you greeted warmly when you walk in? Do you feel welcomed and is the team available to answer any questions that you might have?

Location. Do you want a salon that is close to your home? The added convenience of having a salon that is local and close by can make it that much more convenient.

Does the salon or stylist offer consultations? You have a lot of options when it comes to your style. With options come questions, especially if you’re on the fence about your next hair color or hair extensions. Ask if one of the salon stylists can provide you with a consultation to sit down with you, really listen to your needs and offer the best solutions for you and your hair goals.

Ask about their tools & styling process. There’s almost nothing worse than taking your style home and realizing you don’t have the proper tools and knowledge to recreate your hair outside of the salon! Be sure to ask questions of your stylist. What tools and products are being used and why? Don’t be afraid to get in the mix and allow your stylist to show you tips and tricks for your hair at home!

Read Reviews. Visit the salon’s Facebook page and search online for Google and Yelp! reviews to see what guests have to say.

For more tips on how to find the best salon for you, visit Zoya Salon today and let our stylists show you why we are chosen by more women when they want to look and feel their very best!

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Whether you are new to the area or just looking to make a change, finding your new hair home can be a challenging task.

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