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Will Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Being concerned about hair extensions damaging your hair is a reasonable thing. None of us wants to risk having hair loss or breakage! You’ve probably heard some horror stories of breakage or loss of hair from someone who has worn hair extensions. But you might not understand why it happened.

Hair extensions aren’t damaging to the natural hair unless they are:

  1. Not the right choice of extension for the hair

  2. Applied improperly

  3. Neglected in upkeep and maintenance.

Let’s break that down a bit.

The most important aspect of choosing the right hair extensions is going to the right professional. Our experts in hair extensions at Zoya know what type of application will work best for your type of hair.

For example, if you have thin, fine blonde hair, the Micro Bead application is not the right option for you. It can possibly break that type of hair, and it might not be as well hidden. A better option would be the tape-in method, which is a flatter, thinner application that works well with finer, thinner hair. The Micro Bead is a great option for thicker, dark hair. It is well hidden and matches the texture of the hair better. Your hair extension expert knows this and will guide you to the proper application for your type of hair.

Think of it this way: if you go to a butcher to get advice on what to eat for a healthy diet, he can recommend all the right cuts of meat. But if you go to a nutritionist, they specialize in knowing all the foods that comprise a healthy diet. That specialized knowledge, along with your cooperation, is more likely to get you results. Having the right professional work with you will get you the best results in hair extensions.

Another crucial part of a great hair extension experience is the proper application of whatever method is chosen. Your hair expert knows how to apply them for the best look, wearability and lowest risk to your hair. Experience is important here.

At Zoya, all of our extension specialists are just that: Specialists. With every year of experience we have learned better and better ways to manage your hair extensions. We have honed our craft so we can offer you the best in hair extension services.

In addition to having the right hair extension specialist provide the application, it is very important to do your part to take care of your new hair. This includes returning to the salon within the recommended amount of time to get the proper maintenance.

Neglecting to have your hair extensions properly maintained can cause tension and/or tangling at the application site. This puts unnecessary strain on your natural hair that can cause breakage.

Before having hair extensions put in, consult your extension professional for all the maintenance requirements. Be sure to ask any and all questions you may have prior to having them applied. Our specialists here at Zoya are here to help, answer your questions and make your hair extension experience the best it can be. If you are willing to work with us we will provide professional, excellent service!


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