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How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

So you’ve decided to get hair extensions. We are excited you’ve chosen to try something new, and we would love to be your beauty coach. Extensions are fun, sexy and oh so pretty. But it’s very important to take care of them properly, and we are here to tell you how. Read on for all the do’s and don’ts of hair extensions, no matter which type you’ve chosen.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is keeping your hair extensions clean. When shampoo and products build up, they can make the hair look and feel dull as well as dirty and sticky. They can also make it harder to brush through, which leads to pulling and eventually sliding out. The more you have to pull on them to detangle, the more likely they are to come out too soon.

  2. Before shampooing, brush the hair gently to remove tangles and surface debris.

  3. After shampooing, apply a very light conditioner from mid-shaft to ends, then comb through with a wide tooth comb. Rinse completely, especially near the scalp, to prevent build-up. Lift the layers of the hair where the extensions have been placed and let the water soak in thoroughly.

  4. Towel dry gently but thoroughly before applying a leave-in conditioner and/or heat protectant.

  5. Keep the blow dryer on the move during styling so you don’t overheat any one area, and use hot tools sparingly. The less damage you do to the extensions, the better they will look and last.

  6. Avoid using oil products near the scalp area where the extensions are applied. This can cause slipping of the extensions and require more maintenance than necessary.

  7. ANY products which contain sulfate and silicone need to be avoided.

You’ve probably figured out that tangles are the number one enemy of hair extensions. So one more reminder about that: when you’re going to be active in ways that can tangle the hair, tie it up with a low pony tail or braids. Examples are swimming (chemicals can tangle and damage hair), other water sports, riding on a motorcycle or in a convertible car.

It’s also advisable to tie the hair up while sleeping to prevent tangling and matting.

It’s not advisable to color your hair extensions. We recommend getting your hair professionally colored at least 48 hours before an extension application. Once you have achieved the desired color results, the extensions can be matched to your hair color, not the other way around. When extensions are processed, they are treated in such a way that coloring can be risky. (textile dyes can make coloring results undesirable). If the color doesn’t  produce desired results, the hair is non-returnable as every company voids their warranty at this point.

To recap: DO keep your hair extensions tangle free, keep them clean and rinsed thoroughly, use leave-in conditioner, use heat protectant, tie them up when tangling is a possibility, brush them thoroughly before washing, towel dry carefully, be careful with all hot tools, enjoy them!

DON’T: Let tangles be your enemy, let shampoo or products build up, overuse hot tools (if hair is synthetic, NO HOT TOOLS EVER), use oil near your scalp, color the extensions without a stylist, neglect to keep up with maintenance, forget to tie up when tangling is a possibility.

With proper care, your extensions will look great and last longer.


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