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How do I know which type of hair extension would be best for me?

There are some factors to consider when you decide to get hair extensions.

First, you need to decide if you want to get them done on a short or long term basis. Usually, short term extensions are used for things such as an event , photo shoot or maybe just giving your hair some time to grow out longer.  Or, you may wanting them for long term because your hair is naturally fine and thin or your hair never grows out past a certain length.

If you read my previous blogs you would understand how important it is to choose an expert to do the application process. You have to look at it as you would going to a doctor. If you have a heart problem you wouldn’t just go to any physician. You want a cardiologist who is familiar with the most advanced technology to treat you . The same goes for hair extensions.  An expert in hair extensions will be able to tell you what your choices are. The best way to get the most options is to find a stylist who is familiar and has experience with various methods and brands. They don’t just do one method or use one company as their supplier.

To sum all this up:

1- Determine if you want the extensions for very short time, a longer time or for as long as you care about your appearance.

2-Find an extension expert, even if you have to travel to her/him.

3-Have a clear budget considering your maintenance and products needed for up keep.

4- Trust the expert’s suggestions.


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