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Got oily roots, but dry, brittle ends?

You've got combination hair. Here's what to do about it...

Why does this happen? If you've got oily skin, chances are you have an oily scalp as well. But that great natural oil may not make it all the way through your mid-lengths to your ends, leaving them dry and brittle. Heat and coloring can dry out your hair or strip it of oils. And the longer your hair, the longer those ends have been with you, making them more likely to break. 

What can I do? We've got five recommendations to rebalance your scalp and hair. Along with making your hair look instantly healthier, these tips will actually help transform your hair over time. 

Zoya explains how to care for combination hair in this Facebook Live video

Use the right brush - A boar-bristle brush or a synthetic brush with balled-tipped ends can help you brush your natural oils from roots to ends. Along with stimulating blood flow, facilitating hair growth, and helping to remove product buildup like dry shampoo, brushing helps bring natural oils from the scalp down through your lengths and ends, naturally hydrating the hair. Hair looks shinier and healthier and becomes more resilient over time.

Use dry shampoo - Dry shampoo is a quick and easy way to absorb the excess oils that accumulate at your roots. It will help give you a boost of volume so your hair looks refreshed. The best part? Since using dry shampoo on your roots helps you extend the time between washes, the natural oils in your hair will have a chance to travel down to your lengths and ends, hydrating your hair and making it less dry over time.

Get a trim - If you’ve been avoiding regular trims and your hair is especially long, a little cut can work wonders. The longer your hair is, the more difficult it is for the oils from your scalp to make their way down to the ends of your hair. 

Try hair oil - You might be steering clear of hair oil if your hair tends to get greasy quickly, but applying hair oil to your mid-lengths and ends can add an instant boost of hydration and shine while helping your hair lock in moisture. A few drops should do the trick. Just be sure to steer clear of your roots, otherwise, your hair can end up looking greasy. 

Shampoo and condition strategically - Next time you lather up, focus the shampoo on your roots, and try to avoid the mid-lengths and ends. This will ensure you cleanse your scalp of buildup without stripping your hair of the oils that keep it soft and nourished. Do the opposite with your conditioner: avoid getting conditioner on your roots and instead apply it from your ears down, letting it sit while you wash your body and shave, before rinsing.

Sit down with an expert

  • Ready for a new twist on your usual style?

  • Wondering about extensions?

  • Curious what hair products you should be using? 

Most salons will give you a quick cut and send you on your way. 

But if you want to sit down with an expert hair stylist - a creative problem solver and artist who can make your hair dreams a reality - Zoya Salon is the place for you. 

Your chair awaits...

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