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What are the best extensions for thin hair?

Anyone with thin hair is familiar with the struggles and disappointments of everyday hair styling. If you’ve been longing for thick, luscious hair, it’s time to consider enhancing your hair with extensions- but not just any extensions. 

Some extension methods, like clip-in extensions or traditional, sew-in weaves, work for normal to thick hair but often do serious damage to thin hair. 

There are so many extension types to choose from, which makes it difficult to know which one is right for you. Keep reading to learn about some of the best extension methods for thin hair. 

NBR (Natural Beaded Row) and Hand-Tied Beaded Weft Extensions

Extensions using Hand-tied wefts have become extremely popular for people with thin hair. This is because the wefts blend seamlessly with your natural hair without excessive pulling or breakage. There is an absolute art to cutting and blending colors for an exact match. More often than not, many salons offer this service before achieving mastery of the application.

This method calls for a highly trained hair extension technician to apply several very thin hair wefts to your natural hair first by stitching them to nano and silicone-lined beads which create a solid foundation and base. The beadwork is the most important part of this process because if it’s done wrong, it can cause severe Traction Alopecia on the scalp. 

You’ll need to get your hand-tied weft extensions maintained by getting them moved up every 6 weeks. In the family of hand-tied or beaded weft extensions, we offer 4 extension methods:

  1. SKW1 and SKW2

  2. Invisible beaded row

  3. NBR

  4. Traditional Beaded Weft

Pros and Cons of NBR and Hand-Tied Beaded Weft Extensions


  • Minimal stress on natural hair.  

  • Seamless blending with your natural hair. 

  • No bonding or heat needed. 


  • Extensions can be heavy or feel super thick. 

  • Not the best option if you like to keep putting your hands through your hair. 

Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions 

Keratin pre-bonded hair extensions are another low-damage option for people with thin hair. 

Under the umbrella of Keratin Pre-Bonded hair extensions are: 

  • U tip extensions

  • Flat tip extensions

  • V tip extensions

These extensions can be applied with classic or cold fusion machines. 

For our Keratin Fusion extensions, we only use the Great Lengths brand due to the superior flexibility and quality of the keratin bond. 

Pre-bonded extensions are so named because of the pre-tipped keratin bond at the top of each bunch of hair strands. The extensions are applied using a controlled heat applicator tip or an ultrasonic application tip. The heat delivered to the tool starts by quick friction of the tip and is transferred to the bond through helps to soften the keratin bond so that it molds to the natural hair and mimics its molecular structure. This creates a seamless match that is nearly invisible to the eye. 

Be sure to see an experienced extension technician to ensure that your extensions are applied correctly. More often than not, this method is applied incorrectly causing the method to develop a bad reputation.  

These extensions last from 3 to 5 months. 

Keratin Pre-Bonded Hair Extension Pros and Cons


  • The keratin bond is safe for your hair. 

  • They allow for versatile styling possibilities. 

  • They are totally natural-looking and seamless. 

  • They do not require maintenance by your stylist for the duration of the style. 


  • The installation time is long (3-6 hours). 

  • Both installation and maintenance can be quite expensive. 

  • Use of excessive oil or conditioner can result in slippage of the strands. 

Additional Hair Extension Options We Offer

In addition to the above, we offer numerous other extension options, such as 

Tape-in extensions

  • Great for adding a pop of color, a bit of thickness, or some length to your hair. We don’t recommend this method for repeated full-head applications because of the adhesive applied to the tape, leading to a greasy, tacky attachment.

  • Lasts 6-12 weeks

  • Application time: 1-3 hours

  • Removal time: 1 hour

  • Hair is reusable

  • Maintenance is required every 6 weeks

Micro-beads/ Micro link Extensions  

  • Strand-by-strand method that attaches hair with small aluminum or copper  beads, great for thick hair

  • Last 6-8 months

  • Application time 3-5 hours

  • Removal time 1 hour

  • Hair is reusable

  • Maintenance required every 6-8 weeks

Halo Couture

  • Temporary option great for events

  • Application time: 15 Minutes

  • Hair is reusable

Which Method is Best?

The best method for you will depend on your hair texture, the current state of your hair (how much your hair can handle), and your lifestyle. 

Above all, you want to make sure that you choose a reputable hair extension specialist to guide you toward your hair goals. The Zoya Salon specializes in providing top-quality hair extensions that are tailored to your unique hair situation. It all starts with a consultation! 

We love to meet you and customize your plan.

To get more information and see what extensions are best for you visit our page:

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